Established in early 2018 as a small group of friends seeking to simply play the games they loved, it quickly evolved into something more serious as each player sought for a higher level of play - something to match their skill. Now in 2020 HUGS4 is trying to plant itself in the professional Siege community and is starting off strong having early success in numerous open leagues.

Our Roster


With a competitive flame once fuelled by the Fortnite World Cup, KLESUM is now turning the heat up in amateur siege with 1700 hours for the past 3 years under their belt.


Competing in some of the highest ranks of R6S, MyMumLeft is now making his mark on the amateur community after scoring 14-2 during his first game and leading his team's strategy.


After retirement from 6v6 TF2 as a dedicated sniper, BLUE has shown amazing marksmanship in Siege, often coming close to defying the 2s spawnpeek rule.


Having previously played CS:GO and PUBG with results akin to pros in the respective games, JPK is entering the amateur R6 scene with only one goal in mind, win.


Being the only player not already aware of the other's existence, KARMA has integrated better than anyone could've expected and is a vital part of HUGS4 with lethal aim and superior map knowledge.


Having rarely played anything but an FPS game, Speedy is a capable player whose uplifting spirit has undoubtedly lead his peers to victory. Leading by example, however, Speedy is an exceptional player.


Juggling his Siege career with his intense rowing training is certainly a large feat and an impressive one with his stellar performance as a sub in LPL.


Has a really deep voice.

Other Members


Lil Rice